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Sunday, July 02, 2006

First impressions

The Sharp 770SH arrived with me by next day special delivery. Vodaphone were true to their word: delivery within four days. (To discuss the handset properly, Vodaphone have to be mentioned – it’s exclusive to their network.) I had ordered online but of course you can also purchase instore, however, the monthly tariffs are more favourable with online purchases: about £5 cheaper on all the deals.

Inside the box:
1 Sharp 770SH handset
1 Lion battery
1 AC recharger
1 SIM card
1 Set of headphones
1 User manual

The SIM card was deceptively glued to the side of the box so it took about 10 minutes before I found it and figured out how to insert it. The first thing that’s apparent when you go to assemble it is that there’s no memory card (I spent a while looking at the holding clip wondering how the SIM would fit in their before I noticed another slot behind the battery). Instantly you start to wonder how much is that going to cost.

The good news though, is the battery comes precharged so it was ready for use right away. However, I don’t think it was full of juice because after playing around with it for a short time I had to plug it into the mains.

Colour. As the photos show, it’s silver. The only aspect that disappointed me was that only the front part is actually metal, while the back cover is plastic. One reason I had edged over to the Sharp camp away from Motorola was that the casing seemed more sturdy and that with the metal exterior it would prove more durable.

Also, I’d red that the handset comes in red, black and silver. There was no option when ordering but I think silver is the best. (Did anyone buy that red Ferrari model? Come on, red is for cars not phones.)

Overall I’m satisfied at this stage: delivered on time, well packaged, well presented and ready for use.


At 11:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought the same handset in a vodafone retailer store, and I'm curious why they don't include a data cable. Every time I have to turn off the phone, slide off the battery cover, which is by the way not so easy, and remove the memory card and insert to my card reader.

At 12:47 am, Blogger Graham said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sounds like a real pain having to do that. When I first spoke to a Vodaphone employee I was misinformed about the data cable: he told me it came with one included. When I realised it didn't I decided to go with the Bluetooth wireless option. Bought a Bluetooth USB adaptor for my laptop and am satisfied with results of data transfer that way.


At 1:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bluetooth, that's a good choice. I've tried that, it requires a bluetooth adaptor and really good patience!!


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