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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Camera Test 1: Landscape Shot

The specs show the camera is capable of 1.3 mp shots but what does that mean? Certainly when I tried asking sales staff at various Vodaphone stores I found out that it equates to 'not bad' and 'good for taking pictures of your mates in the pub'. Eventually one salesman showed me the 770SH in action but only a picture on the screen. That sort of demonstration does't tell you what a photo would look like uploaded onto your PC or printed out at home.

Well here it is, click on the picture to see it enlarged and print it out if you want to see the quality.

This photo taken from my apartment window shows Sunderland University in the distance. It's taken at the phone's maximum settings - 960 x 1280 dots, picture quality set to 'super fine'. With these settings you get a jpeg of 440 kb. Taking about six of these sized pictures will fill your handset's memory (better start thinking about that memory card purchase).


At 10:12 pm, Anonymous Tiago said...

I´ve just bought the fantastic sharp 770sh but I have problem...
can you tell me how can I turn off the "shutter sound"? I've tried many things but none of them worked out. Thanks...

Tiago, from Portugal

At 11:20 pm, Blogger Graham said...

Hi Tiago,

I'm sorry to say I don't know any way to disable the shutter sound.

It annoys me too, it'd be nice just to make it a little less loud at least.



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