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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Cons: No. 1

No active flip means that you have to open the handset manually.

It’s a pretty minor drawback unless you are (a) engaged in some other activity (carry something heavy, gripping your bicycle handle bars while eating an ice-cream etc) and trying to answer a call; (b) are one-handed or have a hand disability of some sort.

In either case it is possible to open the phone with one hand, it just takes a little dexterity. The fact that the 770SH is missing this feature is quite likely because leaving it out reduces the use of internal space as well as the overall weight of the handset and battery use. At this point I’ll stop stating the obvious.


At 11:44 am, Anonymous lix said...


I agree an active flip option would have been great. A workaround though is turning on "Anykey answer" in your current profile setting. When you flip open the 770sh, you wouldn't have to aim for the answer key, you can jab any key (except the end button, of course.) This also doesn't work for the sidekeys which Sharp's dedicated for muting the incoming tone when you are caught in that awkward situation like in the middle of a lecture or a meeting. You get the idea. :)

At 4:15 am, Blogger Graham said...

Hi Lix,

You’re right about the side keys: it’s a useful feature to be able to silence the ringing in a discrete way – no need to fumble round.

And finding the answer button when you get calls in the early morning? Yep, got to go with ‘Anykey’.


At 1:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it is ashamed, the whole point of flip phone for me is that i don't need to press any buttons :-(


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