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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Pros: No. 1

2.2 inch LCD screen means everything's crystal clear and there's no need to squint.

What I can tell you is that this is the brightest and clearest screen display I've seen on a mobile phone. What Sharp will tell you is that:

"The 770SH incorporates the Mobile Advanced Super-V LCD, a proprietary technology originally employed by AQUOS LCD TVs. This unique advancement offers a finely contrasted and broad viewing angle, thus you get a vibrant colour display whether you're viewing in bright sunlight or a dark room. In addition, the LCD captures both vertical and horizontal views with precision, so you always get brilliant moving and still images."

But what else I can say is that the visual display is pretty clear on it from all angles and your grubby fingerprints don't show up. Probably I don't notice my own oily marks because the screen is so bright, although the brightness can be adjusted if necessary. Possibly you'd want to dim it down a little to save on battery (and this phone does have battery issues - look out for The Cons No. 3).

Other things that matter to you and me but which designers tend to forget about is robustness. Yes it looks great but is it going to get easily damaged? My impression is that it's unlikely because the thick layer of plastic covering it (I mean over the screen itself) protects it well. I peeled off the thin temporary plastic (or is it silicone?) covering to try to take a shot of the screen and now that won't go back on so it's as vunerable as it'll ever be.

But let's not worry about that, phones are for day-to-day use not admiring, right?


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