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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Camera Test 3: Indoors (Still Life)

Still testing out the capacity of the Sharp 770SH camera, I decided to take some still life pictures. The subject is an odd object but full of colours at least.

The photograph on the left is taken at 960 x 1280 dots. The one on the right at 120 x 160. Both are on the Superfine setting which does seem to pick out more detal than the Fine and Normal settings. Unless you're shot on memory space there doesn't seem to be much use in setting taking higher quality more detailed shots.

Myself, becoming more snap-happy, I've changed the camera settings to Auto Save so that there's now no need to manually save them after being prompted to do so.

Another point to mention, isn't it nice not taking pictures of the insides of your pockets? That happened all the time with my old Sony Ericsson. Not so with the Sharp, as a flip phone with no external buttons other than the volume control, as long as it's closed there's no risk of forgetting to lock it and sending off random messages of trouser lining.


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